Hieronim Skurpski

The majority of the Skurpski family's digital collection consists of art and research works by Hieronim Skurpski (1914-2006), a visual artist (painter and draftsman) and a cultural activist. After the war, Skurpski was an animator of cultural life, co-organizer and for 20 years the director of the Museum of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, co-founder and president of the Social and Cultural Association "Pojezierze", founder of the Olsztyn branch of the Bureau of Art Exhibitions, and president of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers. Hieronim Skurpski's works have often been exhibited in Poland and abroad. The artist was awarded the Personality of the Year 2002 in Warmia and Mazury and received the title of Honorary Citizen of Działdowo and Olsztyn. The resource also includes photographs by Marek Skurpski, an architect engineer and the artist's son.



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